A Google account can be a writer's best friend.

Two and a half years ago my life looked radically different in a number of ways.

  1.  I was still in undergrad at Baylor University
  2. I didn't own a laptop
  3. I had to rent out laptops from the library to do my work
  4. I did all my writing projects using Microsoft Word......
  5. I did all my writing projects on rented computers using Microsoft Word.......

If you are any type of writer that has to use certain formatting rules, I hope you can simultaneously cringe and think I'm hardcore for enduring Word before I was able to buy

  1. My mac laptop!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Final Draft!!!!!!!!!!!! 

As always, in those moments of extreme not-so-awesome-ness, I learned something forever valuable. HOW TO MAKE USE OF A GOOGLE ACCOUNT. If you have not yet ventured onto the different pathways in the land of google it's time you do. It is, by far, the perfect place to file all your writing documents via the inter web on your very own google drive. It not only saves you space on your computer's hard drive, but it also saves you money from having to buy any sort of Microsoft Office or Pages packages you would need otherwise. 

With your Google drive you can create word documents, excel spreadsheets, even power point presentations and much more. The excel spreadsheet has been most helpful for me. As shown above, I have used it as a place to store all of my current deadlines.

Organization of that kind of information is key for us writer's because we need to have those deadlines staring at us in the face to keep us moving forward. When we know our goals and what it takes to actually achieve them, we are able to fight strategically to make the goal a finished reality. 

S I G N   U P   H E R E // https://accounts.google.com/SignUp