Teaching is believing! (who else will if you won't?)

I had the honor of directing a production of "A Christmas Carol" this past month with my MCH students. They did incredible! I am so beyond proud of them especially for the ones who took the stage for the first time ever and totally rocked it. I have learned so much from teaching this past year and half, and if you work with urban, at risk students, you too can relate on the sometimes tough but always rewarding, authentic relationships that spark from these sweet students. I truly believe that teaching theatre at this age is not about being UBER GREAT and TALENTED but more about developing confidence and believing that you are worthy to be seen and you were made to create beautiful things.

The Methodist Children's Home even wrote an article/review about the show check it out!

L I N K   H E R E // http://methodistchildrenshome.blogspot.com/2014/12/a-christmas-carol.html

Here's us all together going to see Baylor University's production of "Into the Woods," this past October.