Hello, grad school!

I've been accepted into Boston University's graduate program for Playwriting, under the direction of Kate Snodgrass! A fully funded, three year program who accepts four to five students every other year!

(insert happy tear emoji here)
(insert my actual tears here)
(insert my exploding heart here)
*jumps up and down, waves her hands in the air like she just doesn't freaking care*
*smiles big* 

Three weeks ago, my waitlist status at Boston University turned into a "no" status. I had been informed that the class of five had been filled and I just hadn't made the cut. I was bummed. But, I was okay. I was truly okay because I knew that just meant I had to keep going, keep fighting for the next year. AND THEN SUDDENLY I received a call saying, "We have a spot for you." PRAISE THE LORD! I'm still in shock. I said yes. So, hello grad school! See you in September. I hope you're not some internet scam...