Carissa Jade Olsen as Stormi / Photo: Bob Oei Photography

Carissa Jade Olsen as Stormi / Photo: Bob Oei Photography

Bridgette Echo didn't grow up like a normal American girl. Her father sells soap sculptures, her mother is a pescetarian, yoga guru, her younger sister reads tarot cards, she is a cartographer of the stars and they all live together on one continuously mobile RV. Nomad Americana is a nod to classic American Theatre, infused with contemporary ideas, centering around one nomadic family who make temporary roots in Texas. This seemingly whimsical family soon discovers there's a lot under the hood of their lives they've been suppressing. It is a quirky, endearing, coming to age story about a conglomeration of dreamers who are asking the same question: "What is my true purpose?"

  • Production, Fresh Ink Theatre (premiering Feb. 2018)
  • Workshop Production, WaterTower Theatre's Out of the Loop Fringe Festival - Dallas, TX (2015) dir. Molly Shevaun Reed
  • Staged Reading, Nouveau 47 - Dallas, TX (2014) dir. Molly Shevaun Reed



The year is 2050, in a near future dystopia America. In this America, women are forced to harvest their eggs upon having their first menstrual period. You must then go through an application process to be gifted with one of your eggs. Motherhood is a full time job after all, right? Falon and Lynx, after years of applying, have their final interview with the Procreation Officials.

  • Staged Reading, Theatre@First's festival FirstWorks - Somerville, MA (premiering June 2017) dir. Liz Adams


The Aether:

A Theatrical Evening with Ray Bradbury

A series of play adaptions of Ray Bradbury's science fiction work; three short stories crafted into three short plays to create an evening in the Aether.