Selected Plays



110 Mins | 2M, 3W

The eccentric Echo family has lived under the roof of one continuously mobile RV for years, but as they prepare for the imminent birth of their newest member, they make temporary roots in a rural Texas town believed to harness great magic. When Bridgette, the oldest daughter, strikes up a romance with a local, motorcycle riding cowboy who shares her affinity for Shakespeare, she awakens a side of herself she never knew and begins to imagine a life outside her family. Nomad Americana is a new coming of age tale about finding your voice, the search for authentic connection, and the genuine love of one blended, American family.

WORLD PREMIRE PRODUCTION Fresh Ink Theatre | Boston | Feb 2018*

Developmental Production | WATERTOWER THEATRE | OOTL Fringe Festival | DALLAS | 2015

Staged Reading | Nouveau 47 Theatre | Dallas | 2014


With My Eyes Shut

60 Mins | 1M, 2W

Two people- who’ve been found on the autistic spectrum- find themselves stuck in school to learn social skills. Naomi, a dance prodigy in her twenties, feels in colors and refuses to wear a clown nose. Cole, a percussion virtuoso, can recite a complete history of the xylophone, but won’t meet your eyes. Measured against scales of social competence, they’ll push the boundaries of compliance to find connection in an isolating world and shatter the complacency of the nameless faces and disembodied voices running the show.

NYC Staged Reading | Authentic Voices | 2017


Staged ReadingLast Frontier Theatre Conference | Alaska | 2016



120 MINS | 2M, 4W

Set in a near future, dystopia America where women are forced to harvest their eggs and couples must apply to become parents. Fallon and Lynx, after years of trying and failing, have their final interview with the Procreation Officials. BIRTHRIGHTS is an epic, science fiction drama about Cyborgs, class, love, mental health, and fierce women who will fight against all odds to take back control of their own bodies.

Staged ReadingTheatre@First | First Works Festival | Somerville, MA | 2o17



A Theatrical Evening with Ray Bradbury

A trilogy of play adaptations of Ray Bradbury's science fiction work. Three short stories crafted into three short plays to create an evening in the Aether.