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Kira Rockwell

is a Boston based writer who was born and raised in the heart of Texas. Her character driven plays aim to foster empathy, cultivate hope, and challenge complacency.

Her plays, Nomad Americana, With My Eyes Shut, and The Tragic Ecstasy of Girlhood, have been developed with Fresh Ink Theater, Boston Playwrights' Theatre, Theatre@First, Goat Song Theatre Collective, Nouveau 47 Theater, Southwestern College, and Baylor University. 

Her work has been featured across the nation at the Hollywood Fringe Festival (2018), Last Frontier Theatre Conference (2016), Mad Dash (2018, 2017), One Minute Play Festival (2017), Little Black Dress Ink's Onstage Fest (2017, 2016, 2015), and the Out of the Loop Fringe Festival (2015, 2016).

Kira is a proud member of The Dramatist Guild. She holds a BFA in Theatre Performance from Baylor University and is currently earning her MFA in Playwriting from Boston University, under the direction of Kate Snodgrass. Kira is wife to Mark Rockwell, owner of Lonesome Hero Design Studio. They are parents to the sweetest, fastest, lab/pit rescue named Koda.


email: kirarockwell@gmail.com

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Artistic Statement

I'm continually inspired by the words of playwright, Naomi Wallace, who once said, “Write as if the lives of others depend on it.” And so I do. My plays tend to poke and prod at big questions that I hope evokes deep conversation well after you leave the theatre. I am insatiably hungry to explore underrepresented protagonists and ensembles, the effects of trauma, and the discovery of a felt sense of agency. I promise you this, you'll never meet a playwright who loves their characters more than I do. My characters are often complex, enigmatic, and don't always make good choices, but they are human, relatable, and so freaking endearing. I'm not interested in writing about heroes or villains; I write about people for people just like you.