Nomad Americana

"Fresh Ink Theatre offers a breath of fresh air with NOMAD AMERICANA" —Broadway World

“Rockwell succeeds in the toughest goal for any playwright — generating a world of real people that satisfies while making you want to know more.”—Nancy Churnin, The Dallas Morning News

"It’s all about the journey in Fresh Ink Theatre’s world premiere production of Kira Rockwell’s play NOMAD AMERICANA. It’s solid, salt of the earth stuff. With well-judged pacing, Rockwell reveals compelling tidbits about her characters." —Kilian Melloy, WBUR

"The play is a loving look at a family as one woman begins to wonder what’s next for her. It is clear from the outset that Rockwell has a deep-seated love for her characters." —James Wilkinson, The Theater Mirror

"Rockwell’s dialogue is economical and natural, her characters are well drawn."  —Mark Lowry, Theater Jones


With my Eyes Shut

“Even when plays, movies, TV shows sort of incorporate a character who is neuro-atypical or has some kind of a disability, typically they’re not really complex. We get to see Cole and Naomi as two fleshed-out, complex human beings.” —Abigail Birkett, Goat Song Theater Collective

“Inventive. Physical explorations through playful games about the difficulties & challenges to connect---whether the literal eye contact, physical contact, or emotional contact---something all of us can understand.” ­—Heather Helinsky

“One of the most poignant and distinct pieces I’ve seen in all four years of the fest!” —Tiffany Antone, Artistic Director of Little Black Dress INK

“Will open your eyes to the ways in which others see the world and react to it.” —Shari Barrett, Broadway World

“Great show that should tour as an education piece for the general public.” —Certified Audience Reviewer

“An incredibly smart script. Too often, works about autism come off as one-note or pitying. With My Eyes Shut gives a realistic look at Autism, which isn’t the one-size-fits-all we see on TV and movies.” —Certified Audience Reviewer



"Autism In The Spotlight At Out Of The Loop" — Art and Seek

ONSTAGE Finalist Interview (Selected)