Selected Short Lengths

With My Eyes Shut

Art: Lonesome Hero Design Studios and Such

Art: Lonesome Hero Design Studios and Such

Two people- who’ve been found on the autistic spectrum- find themselves stuck in school to learn social skills. Naomi, a dance prodigy in her twenties, feels in colors and refuses to wear a clown nose. Cole, a percussion virtuoso, can recite a complete history of the xylophone, but won’t meet your eyes. Measured against scales of social competence, they’ll push the boundaries of compliance to find connection in an isolating world and shatter the complacency of the nameless faces and disembodied voices running the show.

  • Developmental Staged Reading & Production, Authentic Voices - NYC (premiering August 2017)
  • Workshop Production, WaterTower Theatre's Out of the Loop Fringe Festival - Dallas, TX (2016) dir. Abigail Birkett
  • Staged Reading, The Last Frontier Theatre Conference - Alaska (2016) 
  • Workshop, Baylor University - Waco, TX (2015) 

The Bird

"I am an Ancient Bird Enchanted by the Egyptians with Everlasting Life; What is it That You Wish?"

  • Semi Finalist, Staged Reading, Little Black Dress INK's ONSTAGE Festival - Alamaba (2017) 


The Deflated Balloon Club

Jasmine's rehab friends have gathered to throw Jazzy Jolly Ranch a goodbye party in the rec room. She just needs to show up for the party to finally start. In the end, keeping the giant silver balloon in the air is really freaking hard when it's deflated. 

  • 24 Hour Play Festival, Production, Southwestern College - Kansas (2015)
  • Invited Guest Playwright