I’m Kira – a lover of music, people, exploring, and iced tea. I'm a native Texan, who currently resides in Boston, Mass while I pursue my MFA in Playwriting at Boston University under the direction of Kate Snodgrass. 

I like to think of my plays as maps. A trail of tracks left behind in the sand that reveal a facet of humanity I set out to explore in a particular season. Usually starting off from a question, I write to make sense of the world and transcribe my explorations in play form. I am always trying to find laughter in the sadness, love in the hate, hope in the fear, and dreams in the nightmares.

The theatre is a sacred place to me. Through the ages it continues to be an invitation for vulnerability, community, imagination, and artistic expression, an invitation for communal journeys and individual awakenings, for social change and constructive reflection. I count myself blessed to be a part of the vast community of theatre artists who continue to give themselves to this ancient tradition. 

Thanks for taking a look at my piece of the interwebs.

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